A (made-up) tale of love and loss in WW2.

Billy said, We’re sailing, the orders came today
We’re off to face the enemy, though where I cannot say
So Polly come out dancing one last time and then
I wonder will you wait for me till I return again?

Polly said, Well, Billy, now don’t you talk that way
We don’t know what the future holds, but I can only pray
That one day we’ll go dancing just like we did before
And we won’t have to worry about parting any more

Polly read the letter that told how Billy died
But even as her tears fell down, she couldn’t quite decide
Was she weeping for the dancing, or for this broken world
Or for a fading picture of a different boy and girl

Johnny came to England in the spring of ‘44
With an accent from the movies and gifts from the PX store
He said, Polly come out dancing, we’ll waltz the night away
Tomorrow’s too uncertain, let’s live just for today

So in the midst of all the madness she and Johnny did their best
To find sweet consolation among the bitterness
One evening Johnny didn’t come to take her to the dance
They said his plane went down in flames somewhere over France

Now Polly’s done with dancing, she’s just getting through the days
But she’s memories to hold on to, and no regrets, she says
‘Cos you’re lucky if you’ve once known love, so be glad you had your chance
And when her baby’s old enough she’ll teach her how to dance