Oh I do love to be beside the seaside...

This was going to be a jolly celebration of old-fashioned seaside fun (honest) - but songs seldom turn out quite how you planned...

Take me to the end of the pier
I'm having such a good time, I wish you were here
I've got money in my pocket for fish and chips and beer
So take me to the end of the pier

I want to see a show tonight, I want to sing and laugh out loud
I don't want to be alone tonight, I want to fade into the crowd
Until the final curtain falls, I'll forget about it all
So take me to the end of the pier


Take me to the funfair, show me how it feels to fly
I want to ride the roller coaster, see the world go racing by
And spinning into space, I may find some kind of grace
So take me to the end of the pier


Between the roar of the traffic
and the sound of the sea
Where the land meets the water,
that's where I need to be
This world gets too hard sometimes,
the waves can be too rough
But to walk out over the water
one last time may be enough

Take me on a pleasure boat, for a trip around the bay
Let the rolling of the ocean rock my cares away
And all the tears I've cried will be washed out with the tide
So take me to the end of the pier