Inspired by the words of Jo Cox MP, who was murdered in June 2016. #moreincommon

Hear how the dogs are barking, there are strangers at the gate
They have come a weary journey, will you make them stand and wait?
Though the air is thick with rumours and terror stalks the land
Don''t let differences deter you from holding out a hand

If we stand, we must stand together
For in fellowship our freedom may be found
There is more to unite us than divide us
For we all have our roots in common ground

Is that thunder in the distance or the sound of marching feet?
As the echoes of a bitter past stir the ghosts of Cable Street
The lamps are burning low now, the hour is growing late
It’s time we tried to turn the tide to hope instead of hate


There are those who break down barriers and those who build up borders
There are some who seek a better way while some just follow orders
But when cruelty crosses continents and greed is its own nation
The way to fight a common foe is through cooperation